Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wishes for the Season...

by Kathleen

Last weekend as I sat on the sofa, blazing fire in the fireplace, two feet of soft fluffy snow outside, cats curled and purring on my husbands and my intertwined feet, good drink and food to hand, knitting and reading abounding... I felt the joy that comes with a day of love and warmth and peace. And I sent, and send, those same wishes to all and every one.
Whatever your celebrations may be, or if they even be not, Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah, Good Ramadan or Solstice... may the wonder of these and a Happy New Year come to all and everyone. May this new year bring more and even better of the bliss of laughter and the luxury of pleasure, of the expanding of knowledge and deepening of hope, of the serenity of acceptance and the delight of generosity, but especially... of the love of family and the comfort of friends.