Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year

by Kathleen

... As another year of both same old same old, and new opportunity rolls around.
I don't do resolutions. I don't have a problem with the idea of considering making changes, but most resolutions... well, most of the time they're too big, too amorphous and unwieldy, to actually accomplish. Lose weight, exercise more, read more, clean more, don't procrastinate, don't complain, be an entirely different person...
And thus those irresolute resolutions last for a month. Maybe less. And those initial bombastic public  announcements meet public wallowing in humiliating failure at the end. (What's not to like? Uhm...)

So instead of resolving I'm just going to try to take a little more time here and there to accomplish a task. Every now and then I'll make a conscious effort to shut off the electronics and stand up and walk around. And maybe get some things I want to get in my life... in my life.
Starting with some personal sewing and knitting. Well, technically ALL my knitting is personal, but very little (if any) of my sewing is. And I love planning, own tons of fabric, and need clothes, so I'm going to try to do just a little more. If it works I am rewarded with clothes I like, that fit me, in my colors and fabrics! Yay! If it doesn't, then that's okay. No punishment. No humiliation. But no cool clothes... that's its own punishment.


A gentle challenge... gentle is the word used by the originator... put out on Instagram. Pick nine items to create in 2018. They can be knit, sewn, crocheted, woven, woodworked... as long as you are creating it counts. There are no prizes, no voting, no winning, no competition. Just do something... do what you can. And share it!

 Four tops, all of soft knits (and one printed sheer knit). The solid blue is the body of the one and trim for two others (if I have enough...). They are all tunics with interesting seams, split colors, or shaped hems.

Probably my favorite fabric of the bunch.

 This pattern is associated with a Craftsy class taught by the Tilton sisters in being creative with piecing, and pattern and color mixing. The green color is way less violent in real life...

This printed sheer is used as trim at the neck hem and sleeve hems. I'll need to cut the body of this one out first to make sure I have enough for trims on the first two...

This black, and black and white are the heaviest of the knit fabrics. But still soft and drapey.
Three pairs of pants. Two in soft knits and one in a drapier than usual grey denim... it might have rayon in it? The patterns are all elastic waist with seams and panels for interest. The examples on the envelopes show them with an emphasis on the shapes that I think a softer knit will make more subtle. 

Sorry the pattern doesn't read well in the photo. It's another Marci Tilton. This is a very, very soft, medium wieght rayon knit.

This is a medium weight crepe... very drapey and luscious.


And these will be made longer than the pattern examples.

And some knits. Cranberry Trellis fingerless mitts by Mary O'Shea, sold as part of a scholarship fundraiser by Knitspot. The Birches cardigan by Anne Hanson of Knitspot. And a Point Pinos cardigan by Amy Herzog through her Custom Fit software... made specifically to fit my measurements with my yarn at my gauge.

I need these mitts right NOW!

I also need the sweater now!

But this sweater will be perfect for Spring time wear. I'm making it in a cotton lace weight (held double), that I've bought in four colorways (because that's what the store had) and then ombre dyed to blend.

So that's the plan! (Stan) And I do love plans...