Thursday, August 23, 2012

Well, enough with the sturm and drang of ungrateful sock yarn and linen. We leave these poor ragged creatures and move on to...

 More Socks!!!!!

A pattern from Charlotte Schurch's first book, in a Plymouth Yarn Noro-lookalike.

A simple feather and fan variation, in Shaeffer Yarn's Nicole (lovely heavier weight sock yarn... feels a lot like Socks that Rock in its skooshiness).

Plain ol' stockinette, in FibraNatura's Yummy.

Opus 400, in Wisdom Yarns Marathon.

Another feather and fan variation, in Hand Painted Yarn's Donegal Sock yarn (brought back for me from Sock Summit by Caroline)

A pattern of my own  with a lattice cable and a feather and fan variation, in a sock yarn that I dyed myself (shown in progress, this sock is now finished).

So many socks! Just count them... 6!!! 6 socks!!!
Yes. That's right...6. NOT 6 pair. Just 6.
And why would someone knit 6 single socks (someone who's never before shown signs of the dreaded second sock syndrome)?
Maybe because their other foot was wearing this...
This year's lovely AirCast Pneumatic Walking Boot; sublime in a tonal variation of greys; perfect for every occasion involving foot surgery and more!
Certainly minimizes the need for two socks.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is it me?

Both of my Noro socks.

My favorite linen blouse!

Perhaps I have a secretly abrasive personality? Or do I  just rub inanimate items the wrong way? Clearly I need to be kinder to my textiles.