Monday, June 20, 2011

by Kathleen

Don't really have too much to say... still slogging through life with occasional bumps, but more frequent periods of great joy and fun. Howzabout some photos of aforesaid fun...?

A leeeeeetle bit of fun...

About 2" tall, assorted leftovers.

Your more average sized (that would be a woman's 8) fun...

Claudia Handpaints in Pistachio and Boot Camp, alternating stripes of 2-4 rounds

Nancy Bush's Child's First Sock in Kramer's Sterling Sock

JoAnn's Sensation Bamboo and Ewe yarn from a swap, alternating purls and knits with the stripes

Cherry tree Hill, blocks of knits interrupted with slip stitches and purl rows

Woodland, Claudia Handpainted Shells on the Beach (only made one for a LYS display)

Some fun in progress...

Zauberball, alternating from the two ends... I'm on the second one now

And a whole whopping table full of fun...

Plus a sandwich. (I don't recall what kind now...)

And a little bit of teaching fun...

Assorted worsted weight yarns, changing at every "step" including the gusset pickups and kitchener.

Fun right? Well of course! Socks are always fun!

Next time it's afghan and scarf fun! And then (believe it or not) there was sewing fun!!! Wowza!