Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

by Caroline

It's been a year (and a little) since I last posted. Like Kathleen I have so much to share, but I've been struggling with writer's block so let's see if I can break through with something simple and seasonal (and only a couple pictures - really bad pictures.)

Tonight I joined the army of elves who work in Santa's workshop - elf name: Cupcake (no, no picture available, thank you.)

You see, my friend Kathy's father is a real bearded Santa Claus.

And he is a woodworker. So through the year he (and awesome volunteers) make wooden toys. Then, for a week in December, he opens up Santa's Workshop to the public - for free. It used to be in his garage/backyard but it was getting cramped so last year a local business, Profile Self Storage, offered up their business office for Santa's Workshop. Friends and family volunteer to be elves and kids are welcomed by Mrs. Claus (Dick's wife, Donna) at the door.

Kids can talk to Santa and have their picture taken with him, decorate a small wooden ornament, and pick out a wooden toy (I can't believe I didn't think to take pictures of the toys, facepalm), there's even a little goodie bag with a snack. Some of the wooden toys are complete but others are in pieces and the kids can take the kit over to an elf and have the elf build the toy or even help the elf build the toy! It is quite an operation and Dick and his army of elves are amazing. I'm proud that this year I have signed up.