Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick again and it's Caroline's fault...

by Kathleen

This is a very quick post, but I wanted to share this (click for bigger)...

My LYS, On the Lamb, has put together The Great American Aran Afghan. It's going to be raffled off to benefit an arts center in Staunton (and yes I have my ticket, DH has his and MIL hers). It was made with by volunteers using yarn donated by Claudia Handpaint.
Volunteers including yours truly who did this square...

The Tipsy Cable Square! (By the way... check out that gorgeous cabled edging!)
An additional volunteer was Marcia from my Tuesday night knit group who did two squares...

Now, I've got to go home and clean the house because somebody is coming to visit for the weekend so that we can go to the Fall Fiber Festival!

psst... Caroline remember, it's THIS weekend not next!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

OCD much?

by caroline

9 Amanda hats, 4 or 5 Pretty in Pink baby blankets, & 30+ wee tiny socks...yes I'm project obsessive. But for this last swap, September's Back to School theme, I really let go. School colors was the suggestion, either mine or my swap partner's. But I thought school supplies was a little more fun so I knit a pencil:

But the pencil seemed to need an eraser. Remember those half & half erasers that erase pencil & pen?:

Oh, but if you are going to knit a pen & pencil eraser then you need a pen as well:

You know what's next, don't you? Pencil, eraser, pen....it just needs paper:

I packed them all up with the real objects and sent them off in a pencil case. I had such a fun time making these (I am so easy to entertain) but I am feeling like I set my bar a little high for the next swap. How will I go back to normal wee tiny socks, now?