Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ready for the Winter

by Kathleen

Uhm... not really. No rush to leave Summer... take your time. Sit awhile...

But, just in case, we do have some cuddly wool goodness ready for the throwing on the couch...

Lizard Ridge is Done! (well... except that I decided that it needed a border of some kind, and yes that marker is a dropped stitch that needs to be caught, but it's out now and visually stunning as is, so done is done... ish.)

A closer look at the wavy goodness. Some of the blocks just melded together so lovely and others are more abrupt... but the whole effect is glorious! I am satisfied.


Girasole is done! It was quite a slog at the end, and my needles were a pain in the buttocks; Addi interchangeable circulars, which I normally like a lot but not this time. The join both got hung up every time I had to shift stitches and the screw kept loosening. If I wasn't careful the cable just fell off... with all the stitches sliding off as well!

But it was mostly fun and I learned several new techniques and... well it's just plain stupendous. And talk about BIG! That's a large champagne bottle in the above photo.

These are large, heavy wooden deck chairs... It dwarfs them!

Here's a more color true closeup of the center detail. The center was seriously fun... love doing lace on size 10's!

That about covers most of the knitting. I'm on a sweater jag now... I've got one ready for sleeves and two I just cast on.

AndI also did some successful sewing during this last year. Costume and real life. Next time...