Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's Just So Freaking Exciting!

by Caroline

Knitting has been kicking my butt lately. It has been thumbing its figurative nose at me and laughing.

I had 4 projects going: a 6" mitered square, a pair of Hobbiton socks (3rd pair and not a one on my feet), Prince of the Wood Elves, and a pair of ribbed socks for a neighbor (size 12 feet).

- it took 3 tries to get that 6" square going.
- didn't have enough yarn to finish the neighbor's socks. They went to the frog pond.
- finally accepted that PotWE was not working. This was the second attempt at finishing the pair and I have decided to frog them. The yarn will be used for something else and I will try the pattern again when the karma is right.
- Hobbiton was going quickly till I hit the heel. The heel had to be done 3 times.
Things were dragging but I finally got past the heel.

Then this weekend, my mother and I went to Fiber Loft for a colorwork and steeking workshop with Kristen Nicholas (Mary, me, Kristen - yes, I didn't think to get a picture with my mother).

I didn't think I was interested in colorwork but I joined the Socks that Rock sock club this year and the first month's patterns: colorwork! This workshop was well timed. It was great, it was AWESOME! I'm a tight knitter and yet I managed to keep an even, loose tension. Then when I had my swatch finished . . . . I STEEKED! Holy cow, I steeked.

And even more amazing, I didn't find it as scary as that first dropped stitch in the clapotis.