Friday, May 18, 2018

The hard way to downsize

by Kathleen (why am I bothering putting that tagline in... it's not like Caroline ever blogs anymore... hint hint Caroline)

Less than a month after that last post I had a computer tragedy. My encryption chip died, and with it all my information on my hard drive was locked away. Forever. That's my spreadsheets, my files, my class sylllabi, my guild/committee/school meeting minutes, my downloaded patterns, my photos. All of it.
Now I'm kicking myself, not only for not backing up onto an exterior hard drive, but for not blogging everything always... I'd have more of my photos saved online anyway. I was able to find some of my pattern purchases, knitting and sewing, saved in my email. And thankfully my recent knitting ones have been incorporated into my Ravelry account. If I really wish I had one I'll repurchase it. And I guess if I don't miss them I didn't need them.

So... I have been posting, but on my Instagram... coneryka. And I hope to get my repaired computer up and running soon. At which point I will re-download what I can. Re-write what I must. And back everything up within an inch of it's cyberlife!

Okay. Lesson learned. Class dismissed.