Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dyeing again

Last Weekend we had a little Dye party at my house.
I belong to a local fiber guild and as we looked for classes we could offer each other I thought of the silk culottes I'd dyed a couple years ago... a-short-disucssion-on-shorts-dyeing
and I offered to teach the (extremely simple) method. So we ordered silk scarves and acid dyes from dharma trading and, following the tutorials from their site mixed with my own implementations, the 6 of us had a blast!
Four of my final five scarves...
It was pointed out to me, as these lay drying on the lawn that I'd gone for purples and greens. Again. And I felt I had to break out, so I forced myself to do something a little different and here are the final five, with an orange and pink friend.

The two to the right are burnout (first and last in the upper photo), which means that the background is silk, which dyed, and the satin pattern is rayon, which did not dye. It's really a gorgeous effect in person.
The other three are habotai and crepe de chine... more plain surfaced, but still light weight. 

But the boldest dyed of all were... my hands.

Do as I say, not as I do... wear gloves. 
Although this stuff washes of skin pretty quickly...

 (this is next day)
my fingernails are still purple.