Monday, March 8, 2010

by Kathleen

Things are finally slowing down for me after the standard crazy busy Winter/Spring season... we opened (and closed) our big musical, and the large Spring dance concert. After a few months with very few days off (including weekends) I'm taking it easy easier. I'll be working long days and weekends again real soon.

In the meantime a few photos of the several snowstorms we had this winter... we had two which dropped about 18"-24" each and then there were a few of about 6"-10". For a while we had to park up by the road and walk home... not far, about a quarter of a mile, but at night and coldcoldcold!
I guess that's the price you pay when you live "rustic".

The first big one came mid-December. Where we live it dumped about 20" over 24 hours. This photo was taken past the heaviest of the storm, but before it was finished.

The second storm came in February. It amounted to less inches, but since the first one hadn't melted the final accumulation was pretty high.

And it was prettier because it was sunnier afterwards. Though no warmer for quite a while.

We parked our cars up by the road figuring we could get them out easier up there...
Easy being a relative term.
We owe big thanks to our neighbors who came out with brooms and shovels and helped us dig to and out our cars.

Funny snow hats on the mailboxes.
Jeff fooling around. It wasn't really waist high...
Great icicles too! We had one on the back porch that grew down from the eaves and encapsulated our outdoor metal chair.
It stayed cold but sunny for quite a while. The snow compacted and most of it gently melted away until one week (yes, all week)... it rained...

The creek is about 40 feet away from the house in the back. It runs fast so we weren't really worried... it would take a dam break to flood as high as the house... but was it ever loud for while!

Comparative Fall level photo. Yes, those boulders are there under the water above...

This is only the second time in the three years we've been here that the creek has gotten this high. But then in the fifteen years I've lived in this area we've only gotten two other snow storms to equal those others. And only one of them per year. Lots of water in the ground this Winter.

This is good... the farmers need this precipitation.