Friday, April 30, 2010


by Kathleen

Hey y'all! My Sister and I will be among the huddled masses this weekend at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival!!! If you're there too and see us please say "Hi!"

I'll be wearing my KathleenC ravelry name button and(hopefully) ravatar button, Caroline will have her Kermit ravelry button.

Plus... I can't believe this even as I'm typing it... but I won a free ticket to Guido's After Party Saturday night. Woah! Many thanks to Juniper Moon for the contest!!!

And, because one can't have a post without photos (well... one can, but should one?)

A gallery of socks in various states of being...

Something with knits and purls in Cherry Tree Hill "Dusk" (the second is on the needles)

Knitty's RPM pattern in Colinette Jitterbug, "Popsicle" colorway. A souvenir yarn from Key West! (second sock is on the needles and to the heel)

A test knit of Circuitry for a Ravelry designer (I'm past the heel but no more recent photos)

Schaeffer Yarns Heather (wool and silk blend) in Knitty's Marigold Sock pattern (This has been... a challenge. We're not talking right now as we undergo a trial separation)

Jaywalkers made a couple of years ago and gifted to my MIL. I never got photos, but the other night we were there and she was wearing them. A totally sock worthy MIL.

Maybe I'll see you! (Caroline, I WILL be seeing you).