Monday, March 10, 2008

Rhode Island & Ravelry

by Caroline

Vacation post is coming. I finally sat down and loaded my pictures on the computer. But before my vacation, I went to Rhode Island. 4 days before! Grrr!

Anyway, when it comes to road time I am more familiar with VT. I know where everything is and the cheap places to stay. But Rhode Island was a blank slate so I turned to the Rhode Island group, Ocean State Crafters on Ravelry for help. A big thank you to all who sent in suggestions. That first week I went out to meet some knitters. Below are, from left to right (Ravelry names): MickeySews; a friend of hers, CeeCee (not on Ravelry); and Calicokitty6. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to seeing them again.

(calicokitty6 brought in many pretty things to show)

Now I'm also trying to meet up with Somebunnyslove this week and she is talking yarn crawl! I don't know if we'll be able to make that happen but it is also a treat, when you are on the road, just to have people to spend time with. How nice it is, to know you can meet knitters wherever you go.


SleepyEyes said...

We miss you, Caroline! So happy that you're able to find some knitters to hang out with. Hope you get to go on that yarn crawl!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you could find a group in RI. I look for groups as I travel. It makes missing ManchVagas a little easier to bear.
Ravelry is wonderful. Mom