Saturday, April 11, 2009

Retail therapy?

by Kathleen

I'ts been a bit stressful here at Chez Overcommitted. I opened three shows in five weeks (one the largest show we've done to date in my 15 years here, and two within one week of each other), went without water in the house for a week (none in the kitchen for even longer) and sat with/on DH after minor foot surgery.

And how do the stressed deal with stress...?

Shopping of course!

First a few goodies from a couple of my favorite on-line indie dyers...

Impulse of Delight sock yarns in
Lupin Tweed, Bluefaced Leicester wool
Blackberry, Superwash Merino
Blackberry, Silk and wool blend (terrible photo, it's much more of a slate and grey purple)
Blackberry, Bluefaced Leicester

Why yes, I liked the blackberry colorway... a lot. Why do you ask...?

And a fingerless mitt kit, in purple and green!

Then from Slackford Studios two corriedale rovings. They're different colorways but very similar; one has some gold in it... I'm planning on spinning singles of each and then plying them together.

Then I picked up some nice manly blue green Trekking to make DH a pair of socks. I guess I was worried about his poor hurt foot.

And then, I'm walking into a going out of business sale in a local craft store and... they have yarn, wool yarn, on sale 75% off. It's a conspiracy I tell you!
This is a local sheep farm, Cestari or Chester farms I'm not quite sure...

Some superfine merino in Indigo

Some white and natural 2Ply, lots of lanolin

And some cotton, wool and silk blend in two colorways (I plan to overdye the two to blend the light tones into one color)

Well! Let's just not mention the little yardage tally numbers to the side there... the ones that haven't changed since forever? yeah...

So, not to change the subject, but... anybody hear from any swedish ivy plants lately.... hmmm ?


Marcia said...

I like that Blackberry colorway too.

But where's this local craft store that has big sales? Are you keeping secrets so you can have all the yarn to yourself?!

Beverly said...

I have yarn envy! Helloooooo little ivy, where are you????

Angie said...

Oh you picked up all the dark blue cestari? I was sooo tempted a few weeks ago, but I just got the black. Which is why it was gone by the time you got there.. Is all that blue the same yarn though? I seem to remember some of it being "fine merino" and some of it being "extra fine merino."

Kathleen C. said...

Yes, it's all your fault Angie. I went to Craft House (that's the going out of business store marcia) and picked up these lots of yarn. There were two lots of the blue... this is 6 skeins of the superfine in indigo. There were 3 skeins of just "fine" in a blue that matched well... but the weight was a smidge different.
Of course... I got that too anyway.