Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eeewwww.... cool!

by Kathleen

(Just a warning for the squeamish... gross fake stuff ahead.)

The following photos are from a make-up workshop I gave last week. These are all middle and high school students who come into the University take a day of art workshops. For the past decade I've been involved, giving a Stage makeup class.

We start with basic application, followed by old age and then, in the afternoon... 3-D effects. In other words Blood and Gore. This is their favorite part.

Usually the kids are gung-ho and cover themselves in scars and wounds and bruises... to the point where the amount impacts the quality. This year it was different... they did very few pieces, but what they did... it was good. None of these kids had done makeup before...

This is all work with liquid latex and simple texture (toilet paper, oatmeal) accented with makeup and fake blood.

They did some very nice bruises and scrapes and one severed neck... but I don't want to post their faces.

No one cleaned up before leaving. Not even the girl riding the bike home.


Alison said...

That is *awesome*. Particularly, I think, the hand at the bottom of the post. Very convincing!! I have to say, if I did the Marie Antoinette costume again, I'd be coming to you for hints and tips re: severed necks...

Caroline said...

Very impressive, and definitely a bit gross. You got a talented group this year.

Tini said...

it seems, that these kids really have talent for make-up. Some of those bruises are very convincing!

mermaids said...

gross and cool, at the same time. they did a fabulous job!