Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting them the Goats...

by Kathleen

This is a request I am making, for a good friend of mine.
Heidi owned a yarn shop here in town that was a homey, friendly, lovely place. It was there, and from her, that I really learned to expand my knitting knowledge and got into the fun and challenge of knitting and spinning. And is where about 90% of my stash has come from.
A few couple of years ago she made a difficult decision and closed the store... her little daughter was needing more time than she could give and still effectively run the business. But she never gave up her love of the fiber arts and her dream of owning and producing fiber of her own someday.

Fast forward to two weeks ago...
I saw a note on Ravelry that the CSA on Martha's Vineyard was looking to give away a small flock of angora goats to a worthy farmer wanna-be.
And it occurred to me... I knew one of those!
So the essays are up and the voting has started. It's a VERY short voting time span (by this Friday night)... please read her essay and consider voting for the Lantz-Trissel family.

The CSA blog is here

Voting page for Heidi specifically is here

Photos that didn't make it into the essay are here (including Lena petting a baby goat and Jonathon on his bicycle recycling vehicle)

Please note that the blog is loading rather slow. You can skip it and go straight to Heidi's essay, but if you want to read the others (about 50 of them) you'll need to go to the link on the blog. Also note that you can vote for as many as you feel deserving... but only vote for each one time only.

Thank you for considering helping Heidi, jonathon, Lena and Jesse get the goats.

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