Wednesday, March 12, 2014

by Kathleen

If so much can happen in one day, how much can happen in two years? LOTS!
Caroline and I started this blog beacause we wanted a place to share our mutual interest in knitting... which was hard to do over 600 miles apart. We're still over 600 miles apart, but we're not so good at the sharing recently. We're also not so good at the knitting, I think.
My sister lives close to the rest of the family, and two sets of twins (to our nephew and then our niece) has consumed her days with babysitting and spoiling (the babies that is). I don't know how much time she has to knit or spin anymore, but I know she has even less time to blog.
I've just been busy, as is usual, but have expanded involvements in local fiber guilds and class teaching. Which ironically has cut way into my knitting time! And I added a huge new responsibility to my life... J and I bought a house. I kept thinking of great topics to blog about, but always ran out of steam to actually write.
But we started this blog to share, our fiber interests at first, and now I want to share more than that... I intend to add home renovation/decoration too.
We'll just have to see how it goes.
Which is pretty much our motto for the home reno/deco too.

And here's a picture or two to prove it...
We decided to paint the living room walls a very brave color.

We were inspired by the back of a large mirror that we left leaning against the wall for days and days. Both of us were struck by how great the dark gray looked, but neither of us said anything because... really... dark grey? How crazy!
But I guess we're crazy!
So crazy that this is what we painted the corner wall...

Hey there Sassy Lilac!

And the horrible kitchen wallpaper?

Yeah! Who's rocking the color? We're rocking the color! Oooh yeah.


Mary Glenn said...

Love your blog. I used to knit and want to get back to that. Love the animals too. Grew up on a farm in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the color! You are much better at seeing how colors will work than I.
I'm posting anonymous because I can't remember how to do this but it is me, Caroline!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was sitting beside Caroline when she said"Kathy posted" I had to ask Kathy who?
So nice to read your blog again and I love the colors.