Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cute times three

by Kathleen

Thanks for the nice comments on my handspun. I'm really very proud of it, even the "run awaaay..." parts (btw... that's a Monty Python reference in case you couldn't tell), as I learned so much. My only class experience was one workshop last September, so trying to recollect how to ply was... challenging.
Unfortunately the wheel I spun that on has returned to its rightful owner as it was only borrowed for the time.
I *do* have a wheel as I got one as a gift from a friend who no longer spins on it. And it's very cool... but different. I'll post a photo after I get it all cleaned up (it's been in her garage for some years). It's a wheel designed for thicker yarns, made in a four post frame with a cast iron fly wheel... very interesting.

Meanwhile how about some pictures of cute stuff?

My knit night went to a nearby alpaca farm a couple of weeks ago. Three babies had been born within days of our visit. Oh my! So unbearably cute!

This little guy was barely two days old....

This little one was closer to a week I think...

Even the "grown ups" were adorable...

Here we feed the alpacas their favorite food... baby fingers! No, no, no... I'm kidding. Alpacas don't eat baby fingers they eat alpaca food pellets.
Llamas eat baby fingers.

The animals were all quite friendly, although the Mamas stood guard carefully and the cria hung back in their safety.
Thanks to (name to be filled in when I can find the brochure) Alpaca Farm for letting us wander about and ooh and aah over the gorgeous animals and the oh-so-very-cute cria.

ETA: Massanutten Alpacas, in Keezletown, VA.

Hmmm... I wonder how my cats would feel about an alpaca friend?


Toni said...

So are you going to stalk them for their fleece....?

Marcia said...

I think the farm was Massanutten Alpacas or something like that.

Julie said...

So cute!

Mom said...

I don't know who is the cutest, the baby alpacas or those so cute kitties.