Thursday, June 5, 2008


by Kathleen

About 40-something years (and a few weeks) ago the Gypsies left on our doorstep... I mean... Mom came home from the hospital with a new baby.

I don't remember whether it was this one's or #5's fault that Dad burned the peas, but I knew when I saw her she was nothing but trouble.

Check out the shifty eyed one on the right. No, no... not the angelic faced one on the upper right... the lower right.

*I* had to wait until college to grow my hair long (and dye it red). And I never looked that cute with my freckles.

Look! Look! She's upstaging me! No respect for her elders.

But, I suppose after a while she started growing on me...

I even forgave her going to Prom (which I never did. Cue the violins.)

We sang together...

We did hard manual labor together...

We had visions... Well, only she had them and it was for her church play.

We buy waaaaaaay too much fiber together (can't wait to see our haul next October!)...

And finally... we blog together (though some of us blog more than others...)

Happy 40mumble-mumble Caroline!!! You'll always be my little sister!

(See, I did not forget! Well... maybe I did... but just for a little while. Proof I love you though... none of the questionable permed hair pictures!)


Caroline said...

We must be the cutest family in the world! I love Frank's plaid blazer. I apprieciate the control in regards to the perm pictures - that is definitely love! I'm gonna have to hunt through the photo albums for your birthday.

ErickaJo said...

My goodness! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures :) We love our Caroline, we even double-caked her! :D

mom said...

What cute kids! You picked two of my favorite pictures. I love you all and am very proud of the loving people you all have become.

Lora said...

What great pictures!!!!!! Thanks for Sharing with us. It's great to see old pictures of new friends. Proof that Caroline existed back then and didn't just POOF to life when I moved to NH!
WOO WOOO Look at Marion!! Quite the hottie eh!!