Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back Again

by Caroline

Where to begin.....I'm so behind I'm forgeting things. I'll start here:

The Cruise

My knit group has already seen the pictures back in March but here are a few for Kathleen and the rest of you. I loved the cruise! I did try the parasailing in Grand Cayman and it was awesome! I don't think I could use enough exclamation points. I swam with the dolphins, I snuba-ed, and best of all, I spa-ed! I loved the ocean; I loved it in the sunlight, the moonlight, when it was calm, and when it was choppy (boy did it get choppy). And, as I stood on the balcony of my private room, I thought a lot about my father and his years at sea in the Navy. I don't think they'll ever be comparing carrier life to cruise ship life, but I felt oddly close to him that week.

I'm marinating in a seaweed wrap right now

hanging out on my balcony

I could stare at this view for hours

how awesome is this?

Let's see, she was back in April. I drove to WEBS with Heather, Chris, and Erica to listen to her talk and get her new book. We got off to a good start by digging through Heather's (then) recent dying efforts and I promptly reserved several skeins (4 or 5) for our return. The Harlot, speaking first at the Calvin Theater, was great. She sets what appears to be a killing pace on book tour but I don't think she ever holds back. At one point she stopped to ask for water and didn't mention till later how faint she felt at that point. At WEBS for the book signing, I was brave enough to ask if I could get a picture with her and she suggested we hold each others' socks. What a thrill; I am such a groupie! Erica got to tell her about her walking team, "Team Cumulative Action" and Heather gave her a skein of her new color, "Eye of Jupiter", inspired by Battlestar Galactica. Then I bought yarn...YAY! A big thanks to Erica for leading me to the best deal of the night: Jaeger DK silk, 10 balls. If I am remembering correctly, Jaeger is being shut down and brought back out by...Nashua? The balls that I bought for about $9.00 each will be something like $30.00 each! I hope I remembered that right, a deal like that should be remembered.
Edit: (for those who don't read the comments) Jaeger Pure Silk is now a Rowan Classic Yarn. Sorry for the mix-up.

I can't believe I'm holding the traveling sock! I can't believe Stephanie is holding my mini sock!

Erica tells Stephanie about Team Cumulative Action

Stephanie loves the Eye of Jupiter

yarn! yarn! yarn!

I've been finishing projects and I promise to get those up. Are you preparing for June 14th, Worldwide Knit in Public Day?


ErickaJo said...

Blogging months in minutes, huh?

Rowan, Pure Silk is now a Rowan Classic yarn.

Marion said...

Where does time go? It does seem like you've just had fun the last few months. good for you. Love the Harlot pictures. Love, Mom

Toni said...

Wow!!! A cruise--seeing The Yarn Harlot!!! Sounds like a fabulous year already--and it's only June!!!

Gigi said...

So many little blogging time! Good to "see" you back. =-)

Jackie said...

Great pictures! I love the view from your balcony.

SleepyEyes said...

Caroline! I loved seeing all the pics! My favorite one is the one of you getting the seaweed wrap. Sooo nice!

Beverly said...

The pictures of the cruise are beautiful and I am so envious of your yarn purchase!!! Great steal!

Kadiddly said...


Ooo, the Yarn Harlot, I'm so jealous! I'm glad you had some fun and relaxing times!