Tuesday, May 6, 2008


By Kathleen

This past Sunday I went to my second ever sheep and wool festival.
My first one was last October; Caroline and I went to the more local Fall Fiber Festival in Montpelier. This time I went with the local fiber guild to a biggie... The Maryland Sheep and Wool festival bills itself as the largest one in the states.
Could be... it was pretty dang big. But we deliberately went on Sunday to avoid what we've heard is a madhouse on Saturday, and I found it very pleasant and easily doable.

I saw some sheepdog demonstrations, caught the end of the sheep to shawl, and of course... I saw lots of wooly creatures...

Looks like he/she's smirking doesn't it?...
Scottish Blackface. Beautiful sheep, very rough wool.
These are Wensleydales. Yes, like the cheese. Yes, they've heard the Wallace and Grommit reference. Yes, about a million times.
Some very cute coated lambs (Black merino, I think)...
And... oooh... a bad haircut day. Bet she wishes she could borrow one of those coats.

So, you ask... where's the loot? Where's the haul? What did I buy?

Two pair of lantern Moon in size 6 and 8 (I have a seven already).
And a book (the Yarn Harlots first... The Secret Life of a Knitter. Hadn't seen it anywhere else).

That's it.


No, I mean it.

I have such a lot of yarn already (no snickering out there) and nothing I saw was prettier than what I own. I was looking a little bit for fiber, but I wanted bold colors and handpainting... and I didn't see any. It was all either natural or muted and heathery.
So I got the needles as planned, and a book. Done deal.
I think my fair lunch cost more.


Toni said...

WOW! Now THAT is a level of restraint that I will never achieve!!! Good for you!

Caroline said...

It's not about how much yarn you have at home! It's about how much yarn you can fit into it!

Mom said...

Love the picures of the sheep.

Lizzie Donelan said...

aww those sheep are precious. i def think the first one was smirking hehe!

hope all is well in the burg :)

Marji said...

Hey Kathleen, I need an email addy to send you an invite to the coat sewalong.
Send it to me at mlweaving at yahoo dot com.

BTW, amazing sheep