Friday, May 2, 2008

Feelin' Dauncey

DH and I first met one Saturday afternoon when he stopped into the Virginia Quilt Museum where I just happened to be docenting. He was new in town and thought the museum might be of interest when his Mother visited, as she quilted.
Recently he turned 50. And when his mother asked if he wanted anything special for his birthday he said yes... he'd like one of her quilts.

"Spring Daunce"
Daunce is a term I'd not heard before. If you look it up it means ill, but to her (and her Mother who used to say it) it means dizzy, crazy like... a version of Spring fever.
The colors are mostly pastel spring-like, but with shots of darker richer tones. And the blocks are all mixed up... curves, triangles and squares, all set in here and there. Hand pieced and hand quilted.
It's truly lovely. DH calls it her masterpiece. And we are honored to be the caretakers of it.


Toni said...

Wow! Hand pieced and hand quilted--that is amazing! That is a treasure.

Mom said...

I love the story of how you met Jeff. The quilt ia wonderful and you are so fortunate to have such an heirloom.

Caroline said...

That's a fantastic quilt! I love the name.

Marcia said...

Beautiful! I have one quilt made by each of my Grandmother's - quilts are such great heirlooms.