Friday, May 16, 2008

A Weekend with Yarn...

by Kathleen

I mean with DH and friends! And maybe a little yarn.

Last weekend we went to a northerly section of the North Carolina Outer Banks. We left after work on Thursday and got in a little before midnight. Although the drive was a bit of a drag, I'm glad we did it that way as we got to enjoy all of the incredibly beautiful Friday. Followed by a chillier but still sunny Saturday, and finishing up with a big chunk of the cold and windy, but still gorgeous, Sunday.
The best day... Friday.

And I may have brought a little bit of fiber works with me.
Friday all day ... socks. (finished by Sunday)

Friday evening... spinning.

Saturday morning... afghan square. (still working on this one)

Saturday afternoon... baby hat. (finished by Sunday)

Saturday evening... spinning. (look how full the bobbin's getting!)

And Sunday, on the way home...

Finally... One of my favorite photos from the weekend. Partly because I don't take good photos and this is pretty good... and because I love the juxtaposition of knitting bag, parasol and fishing pole.
What a great time. Can't wait to go back. Must bring more knitting!


Mom said...

Ah, fishing for yarn. Good idea.

Marcia said...

Or, fishing with yarn as the bait, for all those fiber-loving fish :)

Toni said...

Sounds like a FABULOUS weekend--and I love parasol! :)

Summerset said...

LOL. This looks like me everywhere I go. I'm always dragging along some sort of fiber project.

Skou said...

Philip and I had a good snicker at the last pic - you look fabulous with the fishing pole. Who knew???

Lesley said...

Hey, got your note on my blog about More Big Girl Knits.

The copy I have of BGK is a loan from my friend. I started to read it, then got onto and ordered a copy of both BGK and More BGK for myself! I'm loving these books!