Saturday, July 5, 2008

Is This Thing On?

by Caroline
Boy, once you stop posting it is really hard to start again. But Kathleen is really piling up the posts (and FOs, as well) so I guess it is time to try to catch up.

I've been indulging in a little project obsessiveness again: wee tiny socks! I blame Lora for this. I saw the adorable little socks she knit up for a swap, way back in March or April (way back, anyway) and decided to sign up for the next one. My first swap I sent to RunningKnitter in AZ (I forgot to take a picture first) and I got mine from .... NH! From Lora, in fact. I don't know how she kept it a secret at knit night. I would have been smirking and giggling each time we talked about the swap.

I fell for these little socks immediately and when discussing baby shower plans with friends I opened my big mouth and said, "Wouldn't these little socks be cute favors?" *insert forehead slap here* One of those friends had just learned to knit and jumped right in with me in this foolhardy notion. We needed 60 wee tiny socks and agreed to knit 30 each. She got lucky with her sister-in-law who offered to help and quickly became addicted to the little socks. I got lucky with friends in my knit group who helped, as well. So, a big public thank you to Beverly, Jackie, Lora (linked above), and blogless Amanda. Below are: (left) socks I knit and (right) socks my friends knit.

During this time the famous (infamous?) crochet hook incident happened. And during all this, I did another swap. Why? Cause I'm just that crazy. This little sock (left) went to wenat (Ravelry) in Canada and I received one (right) from Andi in AZ.

You know what comes next ..... the next swap. This time I sent 2 socks (I just couldn't decide which to send) to springermama (Ravelry) in NC and got one from gaylet (Ravelry) in Scotland.

I also knit one up as an angel to send to kwesty (Ravelry) in MI.

Yes, I think you can say I am addicted. There is one more swap coming up. I wonder who I'll get?

I'm working on several other objects, too. But they are all bigger than wee tiny socks and are taking me longer to finish.


Gigi said...

Woot! Bestill my heart it is a post from Caroline!!!!!!

Wow did you make a lot of socks. I know I saw many in progress but to see them all in one photo is amazing. It is a good thing you and I don't suffer from Repetitive Project Stress Syndrome or we'd never get anything done! LOL Nice job. =-)

Mom said...

You are amazing. When you get going you sure can knit up lots of hats and tiny socks. And they are all so pretty.

Jackie said...

Those tiny socks are so cute, no wonder you're addicted!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought you had dropped off the face of the planet! The socks are really cute. Thanks for passing on the addiction.


SleepyEyes said...

Such adorable, adorable socks!! I'm so sorry that I forgot to make some for you...!

Lora said...

It wasn't me
it's not my fault
you can't prove it (I don't think)
tee hee...addicting.

Sonya said...

Yes, wee tiny socks are very addicting. I have made a few, but nothing near 30. I seem to have one going at all times. I shall soon be a wee tiny sock expert like you.