Friday, July 4, 2008

Three cheers for the R,W & B

by Kathleen

Thanks all for the nice compliments on my scarf. I admit quite freely that I'm darned proud of it.
I enjoyed the process, am very happy with the final product, and learned a lot meanwhile.
Jersey... I used my Lantern Moon straights in a size 8. I had seen laceweight done on size 4-5, so I figured going to an 8 would work with the worsted. And it did!

And in important breaking knitting news, I have discovered a perfect use for all those giiiiiiiinormous knitting needles...

They're just the thing for fake knitting a large fake flag while riding down main street on a flat bed truck.
These are a size 50. In red plastic.

My guild rode a "float" in the 4th of July parade today. We all wore red, white and/or Blue and tricked out our knitting, spinning wheels, loom and rug hooking stand.
I wanted something that would read, but I wasn't interested in actually spending the time to knit a 4" long red white and blue thing (no matter how many balls of yarn it would have used, Toni!), so I cheated...
I sewed three woven wool scarves together and then sewed some yarn loops at the top and knit into those as we road along. (psst... I know it looks like a french flag... but those were the scarves I had to work with and I wasn't doing intarsia stars!)
It was pretty fun. We got a lot of cute kids waving and saying "Look Mommy, she's sewing!". And a few of the usual "Can you make me a pair of socks?" I called out "They'll be done at the end of the parade!", but no one showed up to get them.

Now what am I gonna do with a big funky flag and ginormous needles?

Happy Fourth to all who celebrate it and a great weekend to everyone!


Mom said...

That looks like such fun. I love yelling at people as I drive by.

Anonymous said...

i have a pattern that calls for for them. so i have a set.lion's brand free pattern they call it a people cozy.

Marcia said...

You're so creative!

Toni said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! :)