Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why yes, I would love some cheeze with this whine...

by Kathleen

I suppose I should feel embarrassed for this... my siblings (including co-blogger Caroline) and a whole host of you all are barely digging out from under a nasty ice storm; and my grandmother is still without power in Massachusetts.

But I wish to complain.

Dear Universe,
In the past two weeks you have chosen to smite me with one fried and one scrambled computer, a corrupted photo software program, one broken down vehicle, a lost filling, a whacky acting gas heater (the only source of heat in our house), resumed an annual Holiday party (by request) and no one came*, two late-night-jump-out-of-bed-horrific-noise-can't-get-back-to-sleep disturbances (courtesy of our cats), and a wasp sting. On. My. Nipple.
What have I done to deserve this?
Please stop. Please?
Thank you very much.

*Okay I exaggerate a smidge. 6 people showed up. And I didn't actually mind eating the whole French Onion dip and chips by myself, but finishing the veggie tray is a drag.

Okay. Got that off my chest (and believe me... the last one definitely hurt my chest. A LOT).

I've done knitting!

The "CanDo" socks are can done! Wool/Bamboo yarn dyed by Sereknitty in a special colorway with proceeds donated to Can Do. Pattern from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Socks.
FlatFeet socks in plain stockinette. Waaaay too big. I wonder if anyone on my Christmas list has size 10 feet and loves neon green...?

All the Lizard Ridge squares are done! Time to sew them together now!

Babies' hats! Finished this October for two little ones born last March/April.
What...? It's not like they needed them earlier.
I've also got the DH's sweater body done and I'm on to the sleeves.
More to come...


Marcia said...

Okay, the wasp sting sounds really bad! But the universe also sent you a beautiful FREE afghan within the last 2 weeks, so it's not all bad :)

Toni said...

Wow--that is quite a week! I think that definitely deserved some onion dip & chips.......:)

Mom said...

I hope that's it for bad Karma. On the positive side, I love the socks and hats, especially the hats! Take care, sending positive thoughts.