Saturday, December 6, 2008


by Kathleen

So... quite a few months ago I made a square for an afghan, The American Aran Afghan, being raffled off by a LYS to support a local Arts Center.

After it's completion we were in the area one weekend day (DH, MIL and I had gone to see a play at a local community theatre). I wanted to see it done so we stopped by the store to take a gander. For knitting a square I was given a raffle ticket, and both my DH and MIL who were with me bought tickets.
Guess what...


I am so pleased!
She says that she never wins anything, and this is a gorgeous way to start! She wants us to keep it, but we're thinking that it might come in handy this winter to help keep her warm. Either way it's in the family.
She's out of town right now, but we'll take her down to pick it up next week.
What a treat for me... that I put a square in, that we saw it together, and that my very dear MIL won.

Christmas has come a little early here.


Marcia said...

Yay for her! I just noticed yesterday that the raffle drawing had happened and posted a note on the OTL Rav group asking who won, but hadn't seen an answer yet. Of course, I probably wouldn't have recognized her name anyway. Maybe you'll bring it with you to Tuesday night knitting???

Mom said...

How wonderful!I'm so pleased that she won. It's such a beautiful afghan.

Toni said...

Wonderful! I love that afghan!

Unfringed said...

Congratulations to your MIL! It's a beautiful afghan!

Caroline said...

Awesome! Congrats to her and what a generous woman she is.