Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Always look on the bright side of life...

by Kathleen


Marcia was right... there I was chastising the Universe for all my perceived mistreatment and totally ignoring all the good things that have come my way recently.
Like the afghan of course.

And some lovely birthday gifts last November.

From my MIL. A little china sewing lady that her mother had in the house she grew up in, sometime back in the 40's. I can't tell you how it moved me that she presented me with this. She has the sweetest painted face (very 30's) and she's sitting on a chair with a length of fabric in her lap and scissors in her hand.

Then a big gift that DH and I gave myself (with help from Mom and Dad actually. Thanks guys!) A Louet S75. I found it on craigslist with help from a posting to a Ravelry group. The owner had decided that she wasn't going to spin anymore (she just didn't have time for it and it wasn't that vital to her) and she was selling to move it fast. Less than half price. Wow.
It's a very nice wheel and I'm enjoying it very much so far. It came with four bobbins, several of which had singles still on them. I played with the wheel while I plied them up. I won't post photos of the yarn since she wasn't very pleased with it... but it plied up okay and I think I might knit her mitts from it as a thank you for the wheel.

Then there are some cool ornaments I got as part of a swap hosted by a group on Ravelry...
From Chillyfreetoes I got a really lovely knitted wreath. It's leaf shapes accented with pearls and I think the yarn has some angora in it because of the halo.
And some extra goodies (there was a snickers in the wrapping. But it didn't make it to the photo shoot).

And from Pryorjennie some mistletoe! Immediately after this photo it was hung with care... DH never knew what hit him.

And, as part of a kid's swap, I got this gorgeous tree from Butterfly. With glitter sparkle ornaments on it. I hung it in a window and the light glowed through it.
All in all... some things to turn around a crabby grouchy mood.

Dear Universe,

Sorry. And thanks.
Love (and I mean it this time),
Me again

ps But I'm still not happy about that wasp.


Kenyetta said...

I am glad you liked it! Butterfly

Toni said...

Tag! You're it! See here for details:

Madame C said...

Hello - I added a lil something to my blog for you to help cheer you up.