Saturday, January 3, 2009

A tag-a-long fill-in

by Kathleen

While I finish the old year and prepare for the new (all right... I know that technically I'm three days into the new already, but only in body not spirit) I will take advantage of a quick and easy post by responding to Toni's photo challenge (though the challenge was actually posted on this blog).
* go to my 4th picture folder
* go to the 4th picture in the folder
* tell you 4 things about that picture
* tag 4 more people

*This is a photo taken by DH of a run done by a group of his good friends with whom he does white water canoeing. Note that they do not kayak, they canoe... up to class IV. They're crazy.
*The river they're on here is only runnable once a year or so. On wet years they may get to go twice, some years they can't run it at all. It is FULL of strainers and scary stuff. They're crazy.
*They're so into canoeing they go on the water every month. Even in January. In fact they usually do an overnight canoe and camp on New Year's Eve. In the freezing cold and snow and icy water. Did I mention that they're crazy?
*I don't actually know who that is in the red boat then, but DH owns that one now. He didn't feel up to running that river at that time (this is probably about two years ago), but he would now. He is crazy.
And I love that they all get so into this, and talk about gear and plan trips to special rivers and gorges. Reminds me a bit of some fiber obsessed people who shall go nameless...

I'm not going to tag four other people, though I'd love to go to your blogs and read your photo stories. I'm only going to tag one person...

Caroline... this post requires very, very, very few words. You can do it... come on... come on...

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Marcia said...

You married him, so I guess that means you're a little crazy too :)