Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun with Felt!

by Kathleen

I've got some catching up to do... so this is the first in a series of short posts...

In December (well, really it was November, but I was slow) I participated in an ornament swap, done by a group I'm in, on Ravelry. I posted about what I received but here's what I sent out.

Snowpeople couple... felt shapes cut and sewn together with slight stuffing; embroidered faces, felt carrot noses and googly eyes, knit scarf and skirt; braided arms to hug and hold each other.

Needle felted sheep with knit scarf and hat.

For the "Kid's swap"... felt (stiffened with timtex) reindeer with googly eyes, painted details and bells around their necks; oh, and clothespin legs!
Better picture... this idea was brought to a guild meeting as a kind of off-hand suggestion... and we all loved them. Sometimes the simplest ideas are so fun!


Caroline said...

Oh those are too cute! Can I have a sheep next Christmas?

Mom said...

I love the sheep with scarf and hat!