Saturday, January 5, 2008

Can't Stop Knitting

Seriously, I can't stop. I kept putting off this post because I need to take pictures but I can't stop knitting long enough. I'll get those pictures tomorrow, maybe. In the meantime, for those not up on my life:

After working in VT for the past 13 months, I am now working in ME. Mid-coastal, I believe they call the area. I'm just north of Bath. Hopefully, I won't be there for as long as I was in VT. But I would like to send a great big thank you to the crew at the Swiss Host Motel in Burlington. Dawn & Annette, you helped make a little home away from home and it was nice to know someone was looking out for me. I can't imagine that I will be as lucky again in ME.

I'm working on two things at the moment. I finished Debbie's socks (Trekking from one skein even if it doesn't look like it) from Grand View and the 2 Christmas knitting projects, though I haven't given them,yet. I'll start on the 3rd project that was meant for Christmas after I finish one of the current projects. I'm working on a prayer shawl, I inherited it from a friend who tried it as a first project (Homespun!). She got a little overwhelmed by it (and decided that a dishcloth was a better first project) so I am going to finish it (she's providing the prayer part) so we can give it to a mutual friend.

My other project is the Amanda hat. It can be found over at Gina's. She's doing an Amanda hat KAL. If you haven't seen it, go check it out. She brought this hat to Grand View and it looked good on everyone! I'm doing my first in Lamb's Pride but I also want to try it out in Malabrigio and then in some of the other yarns that Gina recommends. This pattern is wonderful! I can't stop knitting.


Anonymous said...

It's OK, keep knitting, we all understand. Mom

kasiaiscarly said...

Ooh! I know right where that is :) South Burlington, if you're being proper :) I miss Vermont!