Friday, January 18, 2008

To stash or not to stash... is that a question?

I'm not a resolution maker. Well, not in the sense of a once-a-year-big-time-promise resolution. But I do set goals, plenty of goals, all year long. And I'm setting one now.
I'm owning up to what comes in and how much goes out. Maybe I can run the totals down a little, but I will at least own up to it.

I have a big stash. Big. No, I mean BIG.

Well, maybe not that big. But enough that I can't store it all at home. Instead I have it temporarily tucked in a back room at work, and am looking at having to rent a storage closet to keep it.
It's time to own up to it. And maybe start to use up rather than add to. As much.

This is my yarn stash:

Forgive the blurriness. This is right before my camera broke. Yes, my stash broke my camera.
Right now I'm in the process of listing it all on Ravelry. I really love the database functions of Ravelry!

I don't have any photos of my fabric stash. It semi-fills 9 large plastic bins (about the size of blue lidded bin on the upper right above).
Once upon a time I got very organized and divided my fabrics into three color divisions (cool, warm, neutral) subdivided into three weights (tops, bottoms, outer). I swatched a tiny piece and stapled it to an index card along with the yardage, width and fiber content.

So I could add it all up and list what I presently own. But I'm not going to do that. What I am going to do is note yardages added as of this new year. So my souvenir yarn from Key West, and my Vivian Hoxbro kit indulgence, and the fabric that's on it's way to me from the co-op goes "in"...
Likewise, even if an item was started before Jan 1 I'm listing it as "out" if it's finished this year.

So if I get cracking on the sewing and knitting of UFO/WIPs I could be looking very, very good...


knittycat said...

Um.. Is it ok that I am terribly jealous of your stashes?? Cuz I am.

I'm hoping to get up to H'burg soonish, I'll keep you posted!

~cat b

angielatte said...

Part of me is also jealous, but I'm already feeling the need to use up stash so I won't have to move it when the time comes. You should set a goal- like if you use up three balls of yarn, you can buy one. Not an 8oz skein for three 2oz skeins though - that would be cheating.

mom said...

I'm not surprised at the picture, I've been watching it grow at each visit,like in old cartoons where they put too much yeast in the bread dough and it takes over the house. But I'm not criticizing, mine is growing out the windows out the rig. Mom

CynicalGal said...

I have made a goal to use only stash with certain exceptions too. It's a fun creativity challenge. Good luck!!

Annalea said...

Hey Kathleen, thanks for stopping by the blog. Reading your last post made me think I should go and photograph my stash . . . my Ravelry notebook could really use some entries, anyway. (I'm PassionateMind over there.)

Btw, your fabric stash is impressive . . . I'm only up to about four plastic bins like yours. ;o) And I've sworn off buying any more before I've used up what I've got. (Well, we'll see how well that goes . . . after all, if the world blows itself up, like some people are always saying, who's gonna be able to clothe their families? Yup. We are--the stashers of the world.)

Thanks for stopping by!

kasiaiscarly said...

oh my! i'm not sure i've heard of a stash that has outgrown the owners house :)

Toni said...

Take heart! I think my stash would make you feel better about yours. A knitter on one of the Yahoo groups was complaining about her "out of control" stash and she has resolved to not buy anything new this year, and by knitting only from stash she would have used up 90% of her stash by the end of the year. I thought it was rather cute myself. Even if I was locked in my house for the next year and learned to knit and/or sew in my sleep, I could MAYBE use up 25% of the total stash. MAYBE. Good luck with yours!!!! I'll let you know if I can come up with a Mystery Afghan! :) If I do, it will involve LOTS of stash yarn