Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas roundup

A few years ago (when DH was only a lowly DBF) he met a guy out on the disc golf course. Who introduced him to a few others who threw the disc. And some also did woodworking. And many also white water canoed. And they were all pretty cool guys and gals and...we now have this coterie of really good friends.

At the Christmas party this year we did our usual small gift exchange and I managed to knit and sew some fun things.

Joe's scarf:

Made from Needful Yarn's Joy in two colorways, a la Brooklyn Tweed's Noro striped scarf.

Maggie's scarf: Made from Classic Elite's Desert in the same pattern as Joe's scarf.

Carl's mitts:

Made from one of the same yarns as Maggie's scarf, using the Maine Morning mitts pattern from Clara Parkes' The Knitter's Book of Yarn.
I have another pair of mitts done that will be going to Amy when we see her. They're made out of the leftovers from Maggie's scarf so there's a lot more pink and purple in them.
I loved this pattern... so simple and very economical yarn usage.

Then I did one sewing item. Only one, but it was wild!
Sally's Disc Golf Bag:

Made from scraps of assorted tapestry and brocade fabrics. I did two outside pockets and a water bottle pocket, and a zipped flap (it's not a great zipper, but I was informed that disc bags are never actually zipped closed). The strap is a guitar strap bought with clips attached and just fastened onto D rings I sewed on the sides.
It was a major hit!

Finally, on our way home from visiting my folks in Key West we stopped by DH's Aunt and Uncle in North Carolina. She is a big time, serious UNC Tar Heels fan... so I made her Tar Heel socks:

Made from Cascade's 220 Superwash with Brown Sheep's Nature Spun in the heels. I hope they bring her (the team) luck!

I did some Christmas knitting for myself too...


From the Winter'07/Spring '08 Knitscene. Made out of Colinette's Lasso in Frangipani and Giotto in Magenta.

I rarely like the projects in that magazine (just not my style), but this drop stitch scarf was too cool. And I had been lusting after these yarns, not buying them because I was totally clueless about what to make out of them (I will buy when I'm only a little clueless, but not when totally).
I'm not going to make it as wide as the scarf in the magazine. In fact I'm pretty much ready to bind off and start dropping down. (I promised the Tuesday night knitting group that I'd wait to do that next Tuesday. So I'll post an FO photo next week.)

I'd better be ready to cast off because this is what's left of the Giotto (the smaller yardage of the two)...

Spool of thread for scale.
By the way... all yarns here were purchased at the best yarn store ever (well my local favorite anyway) Rocktown Yarns


kasiaiscarly said...

wow! very nice sewing. . .i envy your skill, i'm still learning!

Caroline said...

The disc bag is awesome!