Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fiber Fest revisited

One of the catalysts of Caroline and I setting up a blog was a trip we took together to the VA Fall Fiber Festival.
We took lots and lots of photos with Caroline's camera and emailed them and organized them and labelled them and then... uhm, got too busy to post them.

So, without further ado... Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you...

October 6th and 7th!!!

Caroline drove down from NH to spend a week with me and DH in the Shenandoah Valley. She got to hang out at our house with my cats and visit for a bit. But the real purpose of the trip was a quick hour and a little drive across the mountains to Montpelier and the VA Fall Fiber Festival.

Alpacas! Ahhh, look at the big brown eyes!

Lamas! A truly handsome fellow.

"Do you prefer my right side?

Or my left?"

And bunnies! And goats! And dogs! And there might have been a few sheep...

We even watched some of the above getting, ahem, naked! (Quick, shield the children's eyes!)

We both took classes as well. Caroline learned rug hooking and I did some spinning and we both took a tatting class. We petted animals, and shopped, and ate lamb burgers, and shopped, and watched sheepdog trials, and shopped. Plus, if I recall correctly, I think we did a little shopping.
It was fun and educational and challenging and fun and exciting and hot and dusty and rewarding and fun and, uhm, expensive...

Yarn! Roving! Yarn! Books! Yarn! Keychains! More roving! A hoop! Tote bags! And yarn!

But hey! It's not like we were overly profligate! We each came home with something still in our pockets...

All in all a really fun time and I'm so glad I could share it with someone who understood the call of the fiber. And didn't bat an eye (batt... get it?) at a few small(ish) bags of roving from every animal in the place.

Hey Caroline... next year... same fiber time, same fiber channel?


Sara said...

Hi Kathleen!

So nice to meet you via Ravelry! I haven't done much over there yet, but I haven't done much at Rocktown Yarns, either :-(

I hope to meet you sometime in person at a fiber/knitting/crafty event in the area, and I LOVE your photos!


Marion said...

Now I wish I had joined the two of you at the festival, even for a couple hours. I'd love to see that cute alpaca and some of those good looking sheep. I do think they are better looking before they are shorn. Mom

Caroline said...

I'll be there! I can't wait to see what workshops they offer next year. I had such a good time with you and yours (husband & knit group).