Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Missed the Dates

Holidays always make me nostalgic (okay, it doesn't actually take much to make me nostalgic). And I since I managed, this month, to forget the birthdays of a couple people I have been thinking of them a bit more.

First, my brother-in-law, Manny. Manny who married my sister even after being trapped in a car with us in full Star Trek geek mode where we turned the drive into an ad-libbed episode. Over the years they've been together Manny has let more and more of his sense of humor out. We've obviously been a good influence on him.

And Kathleen, my oldest sister, who introduced me to folk and Irish music and Lyle Lovett (not personally). She made our dolls clothes and on one memorable occasion (for me, at least) built me a fort using blankets and the bunk beds when the others wouldn't play with me.

Happy Birthday to you both!

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Kate's Mom said...

I commented already and it didn't post. I think I know why. I think I said that your wise, witty, warm, wonderful belated wishes to Manny and Kathy put Hallmark to shame. As the family Birthdaymeister, I did think of Kathy but failed to send the ecard. This is even harder to confess...gulp...I didn't know it was Mannys Birthday Ugh!!!!! Being the family Historian, I don't ever want to hear that I didn't know someones Birthday. Don't let it slip at a family get together. Oh, and Happy Birthday Kathy and Manny