Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Me next!

I'm the older, and apparently slower...

Although there's no question that our daring tastes in textiles started early!

Look at that color play! The bold pattern choices! The ahead of it's time midriff baring (go Caroline!).

And yes.. I made those pants. I feel no shame.

Though my interest in fabric started early, truly my life has been all about textiles for about 25 years now.

My main hobby is knitting, although I'm new to spinning and totally loving it! I used to weave (when I had room for a loom), and I do a little beading (earrings, necklaces and stitch markers) when I have time.

I have, in my past, done crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, and needle felting among other fiber arts... and I may do some or all of it again in the future.

But mostly I sew. Because I make a living as a Costume designer for theater and dance. I teach and manage a shop at a University and do outside jobs as I can. And sew for myself once in a blue moon.

I love fabric... the colors, textures, patterns and shapes of it. I love yarn for all the same reasons. The promise of what it could become. The dream it represents.

Sadly, my imagination outstrips my ability to produce...

Ah well. No solution, but to cast on/cut out/pre-draft another dream.


Anonymous said...

Great picture. Were did the time go? Mom

Lora said...

OMG Check out that HIP FAMILY!!! Kathleen I haven't met you but I've met almost the rest of your family, and I love them all!! We are new neighbors to your sis Debbie, so if you're ever visiting come by and say Hello! :)
OMG Marion was a LOOKER!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I love old pictures!

SleepyEyes said...

So cool! Would you mind listing who is who in the pic? I just love it!

Caroline said...

From left to right:
me (Caroline)#4, Maureen (up on wall)#5, Frank (front row)#2, Mom, Debbie #3, Kathleen #1.

adult pps said...

Wow, as I believe Uncle Sandy said at least a generation ago... Tremendous Genes! Does Debbie not look EXACTLY like Johnathan in that picture?? I love it!

Great job you guys, this is so much fun! Kate