Sunday, November 25, 2007

Up to Date

I remember being taught to knit by my mother but, although I have no actual memory of the lesson, I believe I was taught to crochet by my grandmother. I never did anything with either, just squares and rectangles, for a long time. And then I did nothing with either, literally. Junior High home ec taught me granny squares but still it went nowhere. As time passed, I kept picking up crochet but not knitting. I did finally have a finished object, a crocheted wrap and then a baby blanket for my then 3 year old neice. I still have and use the wrap and I am thrilled to know that my now 16 year old neice still has the what remains of that blanket.

I finally got serious (perhaps obsessed is a better word) about two years ago. I began with a baby blanket and then made a series of scarves for family members. I then tried to crochet a pair of socks. It was a big disaster and about a year ago I decided to learn to knit so I could make socks. I like to switch back and forth between crochet and knit. Crochet is harder on my hands and knitting makes a good break. I have stuck to baby blankets for crochet but have done socks and scarves with my knitting. I havent' been brave enough, yet, to try actual clothing. I have done my first lace project and can't wait to do more (it's not the knitting lace that scares me, it's the blocking).

So, I have been taking pictures of my FOs just in this last year and I'm kind of impressed with myself. It always feels like it takes forever to finish things but in the last year I have made: crochet - 15 baby caps, 5 baby blankets, knit - 6 pairs of socks, 1 lace sea silk scarf, 1 hat & scarf set, 1 scarf I forgot to take a picture of, 2 hat & bootie sets & 1 pair of fingerless mitts. Holy Cow! I keep thinking that's not right but yes, it is! Of course, I realise that many of you are doing larger projects and frankly I have no idea of how much time it takes most people to knit things up but as I said, it always feels like it is taking me forever. I am stunned that I accomplished that much in a year! I feel pretty good. Did I mention I'm a little bit obessive?

Here is a picture of that obsession. This past friday I braved frigid cold to stand in line 5 hours at Best Buy (don't think I'll do that again) and I tried to knit. I made it thru 2 rows on a heel flap before my fingers were in pain from the cold and I gave up.
You can't tell but my fingers are red with the cold. And I am shivering from being bare-handed. Anyway, now you are up to date.


Lora said...

ugh 5 hour lines....I hope you got what you were standing in line for!

Marion said...

Double ugh..frozen fingers! Cute socks. They don't deserve to be in such cold weather when they are still growing. Send them south. Mom

Sarah said...

What was worth a 5 hour wait in line to buy at Best Buy?

That is an impressive list of projects completed in the last year.

Caroline said...

I got a GPS unit. I've wanted one for a long time but haven't wanted to pay the price. I do a lot of driving and there are times when it would be nice to have one. Was it worth it? I'm not sure. Turns out it wasn't a ticketed item so if I probably would have been able to get it even if I waited for the 5:00 opening. I did get to see the lovely dark side of crowd control (or lack thereof).

Kate's Mom said...

As a smiling recipient of a red, snuggy scarf which hugged my neck every day last winter,thank you. My neck looks forward to being hugged again when old man winter blows. Cabbage Patch Dolls had me in a similar line 25 years ago. Like yourself, I don't think I do that again either. Aunt Mary Jane