Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Mother Made Me Do It

Thank goodness Kathleen posted. Mom said if we didn't post again soon, she would take us off her favorites list! I do have my Grand View weekend to write about, though. And maybe some pictures!

My knit group, ManchVegas Knitters (yes, I need to learn how to link) goes to Grand View Lodge and Cabins for "2 Days in a Yarn Store". Is this not everyone's dream, to sleep in a yarn store? This was my 2nd year. Last year was some awesome fun but this year there were some glitches. The location didn't work as well as it did in the past. We lost access to one of the rooms due to a full-time renter. Bob, I'm sure you are a nice guy but this weekend (even gone) you were kind of a bummer. So a few people got cots and 3 people to a room instead of the expected double occupancy, everyone gets their own bed. There were plumbing problems in some rooms, as well. Oh, and there was illness, allergies and disturbing news from home for some. But I, like Bob, work on the road during the week and go home for the weekend. So despite everything, I was thrilled to be there with everyone.

I carpooled up with Donna and Sarah D. on Friday. We stuffed Donna's car to the gills with our bags and enjoyed the drive up. We ate dinner upon arrival and then the marathon knitting began. Breakfast Saturday and more knitting. Lunch in and dinner out (we brought our knitting) with knitting in between meals. And then more knitting after dinner and maybe a little drinking. Now, cross your fingers, here's where I try for pictures:

Butt-numbing chairs weren't enough to slow us down.

I'm not going to name everyone - we are a new blog and at this point my readers are in the pictures. You all know who you are.

Sonya, I can't thank you enough for wearing the headlight. I was laughed at when I admitted to wearing one when I knit in my motel room. Lora, I think you need to knit this hat.

Sunday breakfast, knitting and then goodbyes. Did I mention we did some knitting? I went up with the intention of finishing the second sock for my sister Debbie. Instead, I started 2 more projects. A scarf for a friend and the doctor's bag from Knit 2 Together.

They are hard to see but those are cables on the scarf. And hey Kathleen, I forgot to tell you....I'm designing it! It's a pretty simple design but yes, the person who swore she would never work from anything but a pattern is writing her own. It's very exciting. The doctor's bag is KnitPicks Sierra, cranberry. and the sock is Trekking.

So, I left out a lot about the weekend and the fantastic people I spent it with. You ladies made me laugh the whole time. Sonya, it was great to meet you at last. Sarah D., I'm glad to have met you as well. Lisa, it was good to see you again and I enjoyed meeting your daughter, Jess. Jess, great hats. I hope your friends were impressed with them. And the rest of you, I miss you all and was glad to spend the time with you.


Lora said...

OMG Someone KNIT ME THAT HAT!! I SO ROCK in that hat!!!! I am DA BOMB!!
Yeah I'm a bit with me!
It's always a pleasure to spend time with you Caroline!!!
Gotta jet! Your mom is coming down to get Nate soon so he can ride on the rig out of the driveway!! WOO! good times!! He's SO excited!! I kinda am too for him :)

marion said...

OK that post keeps you on the list. Good job with the pictures, espically "THE HAT". Mom

Sarah said...

Love the hat, Lora! Only you could pull that off.

Gigi said...

And a good time was had by all (overall), LOL! SO good to see you woman. =-D

Jackie said...

OK, I'm about peeing myself at Lora's picture. That needs to be my screensaver. Even with all the drama, I wouldn't have missed that weekend for the world.

SleepyEyes said...

I wish that things had gone better over the weekend, but I'm so glad that you had a good time. Your bag is so cool and I can't wait to see it finished. How far are you now? Always wonderful to see you!